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Aug 14, 2018

My heart longs for home.


Setlist: Always You / Speak O Lord / Worthy This


Always You

Some days I will win, others I will lose

Some days I'll be wise and others act the fool

Some days I will wander out of bounds but I'll be found


Because You'll be You. You're always You

Faithful and true

You're always You


So daily I will call, sit with You and rest

You deserve my all, I'll give You nothing less

I will lay my life at Your feet because I believe


Lord You are righteous, holy, worthy of honor

You are gracious, patient, kind loving father

You are healer, redeemer, Jesus my Savior You are


Speak Oh Lord

Lord, tune my heart to listen for You

To know that still, small sound

I'll let Your word shape my point of view

I'm ready for now


Speak, oh Lord    Speak, Oh Lord

I'm listening for Your voice

It resonates with truth, love and grace

Speak, speak Oh Lord


Whether in calm or midst of the storm

I will hang onto You

You are my strength, my hope, my reward

I trust You'll see me through 


Worthy This

Christians lift Your hearts and lift Your eyes

Set them on our Savior Jesus Christ

For though we had only rags to offer

He has made us sons and daughters

Called us out of darkness into His light


We are saved, justified

Brought from death into life

By the great sacrifice made for our sin

So all together voices raise

Celebrate Him, Sing His praise

The King of love, of peace and grace is worthy this


So Christians lift Your hearts and lift Your lives

Now before our Savior Jesus Christ

Grateful take Your seat here at His table

By His grace alone we're able

To suffer not His wrath but join in His feast


So loose Your tongue and raise Your glass

Toast His life and faithfulness

The King of love, of peace and grace is worthy this


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

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