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Aug 7, 2018

When God does His best work.


Setlist: Hidden In You / Your Grace Prevails / Scars

Hidden In You

You are my strong tower

When ways get dire I hide in You

Your hand - my soul's shelter

Your mercies like embers that warm me through


Though I suffer unbelief

Your face will not turn from me

For You are God unchanging

And I am remaining hidden in You


Your Grace Prevails

I will open up my heart to You

And show You everything that I have ruined

You promise to redeem every broken thing

And I confess I'm full of weakness


Your love carries on, steady and strong

Where my intentions fail Your grace prevails


I will open up my life to You

Letting go of all that weighs me down

And boldly take the hand that paid my sins demand

Your holy blood my sole confession


There's no pain to deep, no damage done

That's beyond Your reach, ever too far gone

You still break through

And every wall I've build is cursed to fall

'Neath the crushing weight of Your relentless love

You still break through


There are scars on the hands that reach out to me

And they reach me wherever I roam

But they never reached further than on Calvary

Where they reached out to welcome me hom


How I love those scars

Every wretched mark hails the story of Your grace

I remember Your scars so that I won't forget

That my own have all be washed away


There are scars on the feet that chase after me

And they find me wherever I run

Though I'll never run further than old Calvary

For it's there that my soul has been won


Praise and honor be to my worthy King

Who gave everything my soul to save

Every bruise and scar borne to win my heart

Oh my grateful soul, bless His name!


There are scars on the brow that looks now on me

And sees only with love without scorn

Sees only perfection where shame used to be

And a crown made of gold not of thorn


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

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