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Jun 12, 2018

It can be hard to quiet our hearts and minds when they are shouting at us, but God patiently waits saying "Don't rush past me".


Still My Heart / Forever Amen / Closer To You


Still My Heart

Oh still my heart, I want to hear You

Oh still my heart, I want to hear You

Lead me to that sacred place

Where all my distractions fade

And Your voice rings clear


Waiting on You, waiting on You

I'll keep waiting on You

You are worth the wait


Forever Amen

God our Father how we love You

Worthy is Your holy name

As Your will is done in heaven

Here on earth be just the same


For You, oh Lord, hold the power

Your glory never ends

You, oh Lord, over kingdom rain

Forever and ever amen


We believe You're our provision

You have more than earned our trust

Help us live lives of forgiveness

Just as You've forgiven us


Walk us not into temptation

We will follow where You lead

In Your shadow is salvation

At Your side is victory


Closer To You

I want to be closer to You

Closer to You, I want to be

To walk in Your shadow and rest at Your feet

Closer to You, I want to be


And where You go I'll go Lord

Where You stay I'll stay

Your will shall be mine and Your way, my way 


I want to be closer


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

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