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Jul 10, 2018

What is success in God's eyes?

Setlist: Walk The Day With Me / Closer To You / The Glory Of Your Name


Walk The Day With Me


As I wake I pray Your grace ever there for me

I lay my pride to the side and take up the cross


Let all I do Father be for You

Lead the way and walk the day with me


As I rise open my eyes to see what You see

Strengthen me

To be Your hands, to understand what it is to love


You are my light, You're my salvation

Each moment with You worth a celebration

So I will spend all of my life

Daily giving You all that I am


Closer To You


I want to be closer to You

Closer to You, I want to be

To walk in Your shadow and rest at Your feet

Closer to You, I want to be


And where You go I'll go Lord

Where You stay I'll stay

Your will shall be mine and Your way, my way 


I want to be closer


The Glory Of Your Name


All Your ways are perfect and ours are surely not

Still we try to walk in our own way

But we are only human and You're Almighty God

Help us Lord to lean upon Your grace


Take these hands, they are Yours to use

Use them now to glorify Your name

All we have only comes from You

We will share the glory of Your name


Lord we long to give out but You're the one who has

All who drink our water still will thirst

But Your Holy Spirit poured out will quench the thirsty soul

Satisfy the hunger, heal the hurt


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

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