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Dec 3, 2018


Setlist: Still My Heart / Whatever Did You Mean, Jesus? / Emmanuel


Still My Heart

Oh still my heart, I want to hear You

Oh still my heart, I want to hear You

Lead me to that sacred place

Where all my distractions fade

And Your voice rings clear


Waiting on You, waiting on You

I'll keep waiting on You

You are worth the wait


Whatever Did You Mean, Jesus? (Anonymous)


Whatever did you mean, Jesus?

Whatever we ask in prayer,

In faith,

We will receive?

I don’t think so.

That hasn’t been

My experience.

Or is my faith so small

As not to count

Among your promises?

You can be impatient, you know,

Just ask the fig tree

That you withered

Because it was not ripe

With fruit for you.

Will you do the same

To me?

It is Advent,

And I want to long for you,

Not to hide from you.

Besides, there is no place to hide,

No place where you are not.

That should be comfort.

Even in Advent

As we await your coming

You are already here.

I have faith in that.

It would be nice

If you answered all my prayers

Like some Almighty Santa Claus,

But I get it,

You are the answer to all my prayers,

Just not the answer I expected.

That’s the trouble with expectations,

Isn’t it, Jesus,

That we sometimes miss the gift

Because we are looking for

Something else than you.




Look upon the true Messiah

Look upon the promised King

Born into a world of darkness

Heaven's light inside

This child sleeping in the night


All glory, all power

Is Yours alone forever

God on high, God with us



We embrace You as our Savior

We have crowned You as our king

Let Your light shine bright within us

Like a star, appear

For Your love is reigning here


Wonderful Counselor

Almighty Prince of Peace

Our joy and comforter

You are the everlasting King


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

"Whatever Did You Mean, Jesus?" from

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