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Dec 17, 2018

Joy calls us to trust when we want to doubt

Calls us to accept what we want to reject

Calls us to celebrate when we want to fear

Setlist: My Own No More / The Glory of Your Name / Proven In You


My Own No More

I give my heart to You, trade all my lies for truth

Nothing is withheld

Give up my right to be king of my destiny

O God I need Your help


I take my crown and lay it down

All I am offered now

I adopt Your name and I call You Lord

I am my own no more


I give my days to You, take hold my evenings too

Nothing is withheld

Forsaking wrong for right, stepping from dark to light

O God I need Your help


I give my dreams to You, things I hold tightly to

O God I need Your help


The Glory Of Your Name


All Your ways are perfect and ours are surely not

Still we try to walk in our own way

But we are only human and You're Almighty God

Help us Lord to lean upon Your grace


Take these hands, they are Yours to use

Use them now to glorify Your name

All we have only comes from You

We will share the glory of Your name


Lord we long to give out but You're the one who has

All who drink our water still will thirst

But Your Holy Spirit poured out will quench the thirsty soul

Satisfy the hunger, heal the hurt


Proven In You

You make us on the mountain but teach us in the valley

Inspire us at sunrise and strengthen when it sets

Wherever You might take us we know You won't forsake us

So we will trust You here


For You are greater than our greatest trial

There is no obstacle You won't push through

In every circumstance, through every battle

Our faith is proven in You


So whether on the mountain or deep within the valley

As long as You go with us in confidence we'll rest

Our hope and our confession is the depth of Your redemption

O Lord redeem us here


No matter what the test Your loving faithfulness will not fail

You will not fail

However fierce the pain Your promise is the same


All songs written by Jason Houtsma

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