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Jul 24, 2018

"It is wise to be brief, to say as little as possible to others and as much as possible to God." - David Roper

Setlist: Quiet My Heart / Peace (Instrumental) / Rest


Quiet My Heart

Quiet my heart, silence the noise

I want to hear Your gentle voice

I am listening, I am listening for You


Your voice is color to my dreary white

Your voice is vital to my very life



Today is uncertain, tomorrow is too

There's one I depend on and Jesus it's You

When my endless worries strand me in the dark

I find that You are


You're like the roof over my head

Like the blanket on my bed

Jesus in You, my soul finds rest

And though I may not understand

Why You've led me where I am

Jesus in You my soul finds rest


Though faith is believing what I cannot see

One look at my history says You care for me

I can search my pages for times You let me down

They cannot be found


Quiet My Heart was written by Jason Houtsma and Sean Hall

Peace was a spontaneous instrumental

Rest was written by Jason Houtsma

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